DR. JOHN BIRKSPresident of the Board
Dr. John Birks, President of the Board, is co-founder and President of 2B Technologies, Inc. in Boulder, Colorado and Director of the GO3 Project. He is also Professor Emeritus of Chemistry and Biochemistry and Fellow Emeritus of the Cooperative Institute for Research in Environmental Sciences (CIRES) of the University of Colorado, Boulder. Professor Birks is best known for quantifying the rates of several chemical reactions key to understanding ozone depletion in the Antarctic “ozone hole”, his seminal work in 1981/82 with Paul Crutzen (Nobel Laureate, 1995) in developing the “nuclear winter” theory, and his invention of new instruments for chemical analysis at ultra trace levels.
Patty Limerick is the Faculty Director and Chair of the Board of the Center of the American West at the University of Colorado, where she is also a Professor of History. Born and raised in Banning, California, she has dedicated her career to bridging the gap between academics and the general public and to demonstrating the benefits of applying historical perspective to contemporary dilemmas and conflicts. She received her Ph.D. in American Studies from Yale University in 1980, and has since held various positions in the History Departments of Harvard and the University of Colorado.

Limerick has served as President of the American Studies Association, theWestern History Association, and the Society of American Historians, and as the Vice President of the Teaching Division of the American Historical Association. She is currently the President-Elect of the Organization of American Historians.

Limerick has received a number of awards and honors recognizing the impact of her scholarship and her commitment to teaching, including the MacArthur Fellowship and the Hazel Barnes Prize.

NOAH PURDYStudent Activist/Board Member
Noah Purdy is a high achieving student, leader, mentor, and concerned environmental activist. He is a founding team member of the Butterfly Encounter, a conservation program that partners with The Stanley Hotel. The Butterfly Encounter is an indoor habitat and incubator which raised Monarchs and released over 3000 during the summer.

Last summer he attended the Washington D.C. Youth Summit on the Environment.He also travelled to Monteverde, Costa Rica where he worked in the Cloud Forest learning about the species and connections with Rocky Mountain National Park. He helped host Costa Rican students in Rocky Mountain National Park and collaborated with them at the National Geographic BioBlitz.

He currently attends Colorado State University.

CHARLOTTE MASON Educational Outreach & Programs Director
Charlotte Mason has been working with EPEC since Fall of 2016, and has been in the role of Educational Outreach and Programs Director since Spring of 2017. Charlotte was drawn to the Estes Valley by its beauty, outdoor recreation opportunities, community and environmental education prospects in Summer 2014. After graduating with a Bachelor of Science in Environmental Science from Indiana University’s School of Public and Environmental Affairs, Charlotte worked a variety of seasonal outdoor education jobs such as Environmental Education Specialist at the Bear River Migratory Bird Refuge in Utah, Naturalist at the Pacific Whale Foundation in Hawaii, and Park Ranger at Eldorado Canyon State Park in Colorado, before settling down around Estes Park. Charlotte is enthusiastic about facilitating meaningful outdoor experiences for students and collaborations between local, regional, and global organizations. She is a firm believer that human and natural environments are greater than the sum of their parts and that fostering environmental stewardship can create strong communities.
DR. STEPHEN BERWICKBoard Secretary/Treasurer
Dr. Berwick is an Independent Consultant and Managing Director of Wild Systems. He earned his Ph.D. in Ecology at Yale University. He has consulted in 48 countries including Asia, Oceania, the Middle East, and Africa.

As an employee of the International Institute for Environment and Development (IIED) he has worked with a number of nonprofits and drafted contracts supporting activities of IUNC.

He has also worked as a scientific advisor to the International Affairs office of the US Fish and Wildlife Service where he was instrumental in the formation of the Government of India’s Wildlife Institute.

THERESE JOHNSONDirector of the Continental Divide Research Learning Center at Rocky Mountain National Park
Therese Johnson is the Director of the Continental Divide Research Learning Center at Rocky Mountain National Park. Born and raised in Colorado, she has a passion for nature, science, and connecting science to management. Therese earned a B.S. in Wildlife Biology in 1985 and M.S. in Rangeland Ecosystem Science in 1995, both from Colorado State University. She has worked for the National Park Service since 1983, including assignments at the Denver Service Center, Denali, Yellowstone, and Bryce Canyon. She has had the good fortune of working on a variety of natural resource topics, including threatened and endangered species management, vegetation and wildlife monitoring, air and water quality, and ecosystem restoration. Therese came to Rocky Mountain National Park as a biologist in 1993 and spent 22 years focusing primarily on issues related to managing elk and their habitat before joining the Research Learning Center in 2015.
MELINDA MERRILLExecutive Director
Melinda Merrill comes to the Estes Park Environmental Center with a lifetime of passion directed towards environmental issues. Her Vitae chronicles her commitment to advancing knowledge of conservation through research and education. Merrill’s career as an outstanding and dedicated teacher speaks to this passion for the future, a passion to confront and find solutions for global issues.

Melinda Merrill stands tall in her understanding that a belief in and a passion for any issue is of little merit without action. Merrill’s career as an educator, innovator and advocate for experiential teaching address her willingness to stand alone when necessary, and to find resources and research to further her passion for global solutions. She consistently demonstrates her flexibility with learners, her trust in their abilities and their commitment.

With her life-long education, her experiences, her time and travel, and her personal resources, Melinda Merrill brings undisputed action
to her passion for the mission of the Estes Park Environmental Center.