A partnership with the Estes Park Environmental Center, the E.O. Wilson Biodiversity Foundation and Rocky Mountain National Park (RMNP) culminated in the Estes Park Environmental Center hosting a 5 day workshop in March 2014, focused on biodiversity. Keynote speaker E.O. Wilson shared thoughts with the group through a prerecorded video covering topics related to biodiversity, Rocky Mountain National Park and the future of biodiversity conservation.

View E.O. Wilson’s Keynote Speech from the workshop

The workshop brought together over 40 participants for 5 days to discuss, define and look toward the future of biodiversity at RMNP. Participants represented federal and state management agencies, universities and institutes. There was a strong focus on a holistic perspective approach which resulted in attendees from three Native America tribes with historic ties to RMNP, as well as international participants as a result of the sister park relationships Rocky Mountain National Park’s enjoys with parks in Poland, Costa Rica and Slovakia. Participants left the workshop with a clear understanding of human connections to biodiversity and its conservation as well as a way forward for biodiversity conservation at RMNP.

Read the biodiversity workshop’s white paper