The Estes Park Environmental Center and the GO3 Foundation ( will co-host the eighth Best of Both Worlds (BoBW) conference in Estes Park, Colorado in September 2016. The conference will enable international participants to share current trends, initiatives, and best practices in Education for Sustainable Development (ESD). The conference participants, 150 environmental/sustainability educators and professors from around the world, will come together at the Estes Park YMCA, whose property borders Rocky Mountain National Park (RMNP). 2015 participants experienced the Malaysian forests and wildlife at the Orangutan Rehabilitation Center and the Sun Bear Conservation Center in the Bornean rainforest. The 2016 participants will learn about one of the most treasured national parks in the US. Many of the international participants describe visiting RMNP as a lifelong dream and are thrilled that the Estes Park Environmental Center and GO3 Foundation have volunteered to bring the conference to the US.


  • Establishing cross collaboration and networking among participants from different schools and countries.
  • Sharing methods of infusing environmental education into daily school activities and various subject areas.
  • Working together to identify local solutions to global problems.
  • Assessing the progress of environmental education and its impact on sustainability both in the US and abroad.
  • Highlighting effective methods of implementation and evaluation of environmental education projects.

The conference participants will return to their home countries with new ideas, international relationships, and the training to implement environmental monitoring and sustainability initiatives at their respective schools. Through these programs and collaborations, the conference will enhance international environmental education and advance our unified goal of a sustainable future for all citizens of the earth.

BoBW was established in 1998 by the University of South Africa and later joined by the Forest Research Institute of Malaysia. They felt that their countries had a shared concern for the environment, as well as social and ecological commonalities. Since then, Brazil, Nepal, and now the US have become involved. BoBW focuses on collaborating across all the “worlds” that make up our global environmental community.

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