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The Estes Park area’s proximity to Rocky Mountain National Park—one of the most visited and studied protected areas on the planet—is the perfect laboratory and stage in which to address these issues. By making connections and building relationships between diverse stakeholders, the Center strives to establish systems-based solutions for common management policies and promote conservation efforts. (Regional conferences will take place every other year; international conferences take place on off years to increase global capacity for conservation.)

These conferences combine information from diverse resources to develop database frameworks through strategic global partnerships. The conferences also help develop research strategies, and disseminate plans for the public and youth programs. Fellowship opportunities for the conferences will be available to teachers and students through an application process.

Strengthening Global Networks
in a Common Vision for a
Sustainable World

September 25-28th, 2016
Estes Park, Colorado

The Estes Park Environmental Center and the GO3 Foundation (www.go3project.com) will co-host the eighth Best of Both Worlds (BoBW) conference in Estes Park, Colorado in September 2016. The conference will enable international participants to share [...]


A partnership with the Estes Park Environmental Center, the E.O. Wilson Biodiversity Foundation and Rocky Mountain National Park (RMNP) culminated in the Estes Park Environmental Center hosting a 5 day workshop in March 2014, focused [...]